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Providing Dependable Public Notary Services

If you are in need of notary services, then you can turn to Grimes’ Bail Bonding and Notary Services. We offer some of the most trusted notary services in North Carolina.

What You Need to Know About Notary Public

A notary public acts as a risk management tool when important documents need authentication and assurance. In fact, notaries help prevent fraud and even identity theft. They are trained and certified professionals who can contest as a third-party witness to both the signing of documents and to the fact that all parties signing the document willingly do so under their own power.

Many people require the inclusion of a notary public for documents that set terms and conditions between partners starting a business to eliminate confusion later. Notarization also acts as an extra layer of security when you’re transferring financial power of attorney or signing loans, wills, and trusts.

Having the assistance of a notary public is also an excellent practice when selling a car or a piece of property registered with the state, such as a house. The presence of a notary public during the signing a transaction affords you or your business legal protection to assure a smooth process and few, if any at all, complications later.

For this reason, you have to be sure the notary public you hire to sign or witness your documents is certified within your state. Our founder, Micah W. Grimes, has been a practicing notary for years to accommodate any bail bond, loan, and probationary paperwork. In addition, the North Carolinian notaries at our agency are on call for you around the clock. You can call anytime to arrange for your notary appointment.

We Provide Comprehensive Notary Services

At Grimes’ Bail Bonding and Notary Services, we use our expertise to provide superior services when it comes to e-documents, refinancing, power of attorneys, and closings. We verify and prove signatures for individuals, businesses, and the court.

Every certified notary has gone through a strict educational practice, has taken more than a few tests, and has complied with rigorous regulations. Our full-service professional signing agents serve nearly every county in North Carolina.

Reach Out to Us

Contact Grimes’ Bail Bonding and Notary Services for some of the state’s most trusted notary services! We guarantee fast turnaround times for all signed documents. Call us today at (252) 671-2297 to schedule your notary appointment.