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Fast Bail Bonds Services

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Comprehensive Bail Services From Experienced Bail Agents

If you are in need of fast bail services for a defendant’s quick release from jail, then you can turn to Grimes’ Bail Bonding and Notary Services. We are your trusted bail bondsmen.

Our bail agents understand the difficulty of the situation you are in. We know how certain procedures can seem confusing to anyone who hasn’t had experience with arrests before. At Grimes’ Bail Bonding and Notary Services, we make things easier for you through our reliable services.


Our Company at a Glance

We are a fully licensed and full-service bail agency, and we specialize in quick release for anyone being held behind bars in select North Carolina counties. With our help, many bail bond clients can have their loved ones released from their detention center within an hour. That is because our skilled team processes bails efficiently.

We operate using a precise procedure of paperwork to optimize your time and push the bond through. This way, the jail holding the defendant will release them in a timely fashion.

Making Bail: How It Works

Making bail is made simple thanks to our process. We keep things direct and fast. The first step you need to take is to simply call us. One of our qualified bail bond agents will answer and inform you about what we need to do, how fast we can do it, and what it entails. We will also answer any questions you may have.

Once you give us the necessary information about your loved one who has been arrested and have paid the low premium for our services, we will post the full bail amount. After that, they will be released. It’s as simple as that!

It will be helpful to have the following information on hand when you call us:

  • The Arrestee’s Name
  • The Crime They Have Been Charged With
  • The Date of Arrest
  • The Location of Jail or Detention Center Where They’re Being Held

If you already know this information when you call us, then we can post bail much faster!


The defendant will need to call us within 24 hours of their release to check in. A reliable bail bondsman, like us, will always require the defendant on release to call in once a week to check in. This is to ensure that the defendant is holding up their end of the terms of release and that their bail agent is keeping up with their court dates and trial filings.

Any change in phone numbers or addresses will need to be shared with their bail agent as soon as possible, preventing confusion or misunderstandings. If the defendant is in good standing with their bail agent by the time their trial begins, it can be considered as a positive thing for the judge to take into consideration.

At Grimes’ Bail Bonding and Notary Services, we take bail bonds services very seriously. This is why we always endeavor to provide the best services available in every county we serve.

Service Areas

We serve the following locations in North Carolina as well as areas surrounding them:

  • Beaufort
  • Carteret County
  • Craven County
  • Hookerton
  • Jacksonville
  • Jones County
  • Kinston
  • Morehead City
  • New Bern
  • New Hanover County
  • Onslow County
  • Pamlico County
  • Trenton
  • Wilmington